From Constitution and By-Laws of SIPMeL

The aim of SIPMeL is to represent a multidisciplinary and multi-professional Forum of ideas and experiences for the laboratory sciences progress and their practical application and, a stable reference for the knowledge, the development and the organization of the Laboratory Medicine activity at citizens disposal.
The Association recognizes in the Laboratory Medicine the unifying element of the formative, professional aspects and of research for the identification and study and medical evaluation of mechanisms, causes, formalities and of the entity of the alterations occurring in the course of the illnesses, to be realized on human and experimental material, in order to obtain data utilizable for prognostic, diagnostic and rehabilitation aim, following the scientific Evidence Based Medicine principles (EBM).
The Association, even though promotes the professional values of its own members, doesn't carry on syndicalist or politic activity, not even the defense of professional rights of a category or a specific profession.


  1. The Society supports the central role of medical doctors with a post doctoral degree in the clinical laboratory, intended as an highly integrated system where technological components and professional competencies must lead to the best appropriateness, efficacy and efficiency in Diagnostics and Research.
  2. The Society promotes the professional progress and cultural growth of its members through an active involvement in national and international initiatives.
  3. The Society takes a responsibility in defining and spreading standard operating procedures supporting the good practice in clinical laboratory.
  4. The Society acts on request as technical consultant upon clinical laboratory issues in regards to the National Health Service.
  5. The Society promotes education to attract young medical students towards the discipline and to improve knowledge and skills of active professionals.