Future of Biomedical Science: dark clouds or blue skies?


Dear EPBS member

This year we celebrate the 20 th anniversary of EPBS and so much was achieved during these short but very intensive years, the first output was that we learned how to work as a European team. 1999 was a landmark, the first moment when European Biomedical Scientists start constructing the European identity for our Profession, having a voice in Europe!

In 2001 we start projecting the future, the Student Forum was created and its first meeting happened in Dublin in 2002. Our future professionals have a very significant role in our development, activity and preparing the future. Since then in diverse ways, we are challenged by them with their ideas, their concerns and above all their energy and passion for the profession. 2006 saw another landmark the approval of our statutes at the General Assembly with further registration in 2006 in Brussels, becoming official the umbrella association of our profession in Europe. All the amount of work associated to this fundamental step for EPBS affirmation, consolidation, led us to a much stronger, cohesive group, potentiating National collaborations and at International level.

Much more was achieved, meetings at the European Parliament, policy documents on education, POCT, CPD, position documents regarding education changing towards harmonization and higher education, working documents and partnerships with European Institutions, working groups, Memorandum of Understanding signed, participation in International and National Congresses, sharing our vision, always with the patient in our thoughts. Every time we work towards the development of our profession, we seek for more knowledge, skills, competences, proficiency, every single moment we develop the scope of our profession and harmonize it, we are giving the patient who is our main concern the best service!

This year in Genoa we will celebrate 20 years of Biomedical Scientists having a common voice in Europe. We will remember our past which has formed the building blocks for the development of our future where we must focus. So this year conference we choose the topic “ Future of Biomedical Science: Dark Clouds or Blue Skies?" , a conference enriched by a group of exciting speakers who will for sure challenge and help us prepare hopefully a bright future for all biomedical scientist in Europe. We will recognise and honour all the pioneers, all the National associations that fully committed to this European vision and at our General Governing Body meeting, we will keep building and strengthening EPBS, incorporating always your views and visions.

On behalf of EPBS, we would like to invite you all to participate in the conference. Wish you all a nice summer vacations hope to wee you al in October in Genoa, Italy. For more information’s please visit . For registration please follow the link:

Fernando Mendes, PhD EPBS President