IntSMS - 2nd Course Ion mobility mass spectrometry: Fundamentals, Advances, and Applications


09/09/2024 - 14/09/2024

Dear Colleague,

we are writing with a brief informational update about the 2024 International School on Mass Spectrometry to be held in the fall of 2024. The lectures will be held at the Ettore Maiorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture in Erice (Italy) during the week of September 9-14, 2024.

The International School on Mass Spectrometry (IntSMS) is a six day full immersion school aimed to give advanced and higher education in mass spectrometry to graduate, PhD, post-doc students, and all those working in different areas of science, ranging from physics, chemistry, biosciences, food, environment, to omics sciences, medicine, interested to improve their knowledge and education in mass spectrometry.

The 2nd course will focus on ION MOBILITY MASS SPECTROMETRY - Fundamentals, Advances, and Applications.

We anticipate that participants will come from a wide range of scientific sectors, including academia laboratories, public and private research centers, as well as a range of industries (e.g., chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental, food sciences, and other). It will be an occasion with interactions amongst many students and tutors from different countries and create opportunities for scientific and social exchange and professional networking.

The lessons cover many key aspects of the theory and applications of IMMS and are taught by experienced scientists, many of whom have contributed key innovations to the field.

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