044 - Quantification of bacteriuria and leukocyturia byusing the Sysmex UF-1000i in comparison withurine quantitative colture

Autor(s): F. Manoni, L. Fornasiero, M. Ercolin, A.Tinello, M. Ferrian, S.Valverde, G. Gessoni

Issue: RIMeL - IJLaM, Vol. 5, N. 1, 2009 (MAF Servizi srl ed.)

Page(s): 44-49

Background. UTI are a quite common disease and so the more common samples tested in routine diagnostic microbiology laboratory are urine samples. The gold standard for diagnosis is still bacterial culture but a large proportion of samples are negative. Unnecessary culture can be reduced by an effective screening test. Methods. We have evaluated the analytical and diagnostic performances of a new urine cytometer, the Sysmex UF-1000i, in 209 urine samples submitted to our laboratory for culture. We have compared bacteria and leukocytes count performed by using the UF-1000i with CFU quantification on CLED agar to asses the best cut-off values. .....

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