313-The association between symptom and the search for specific IgEs in the allergic patients

Autor(s): De Renzi G., Reverso Giovantin E., Nuzzo J., Contarini M., Marin P., Feyles G., et al.

Issue: RIMeL - IJLaM, Vol. 2, N. 4, 2006 (MAF Servizi srl ed.)

Currently, patients affected by allergic pathologies are detected through physical examination and prick test, followed by the measurement of specific IgE levels in serum, for confirmation. In many cases however, a search for specific IgEs is the first diagnostic approach used. In this case, a positive result needs careful subsequent evaluation, involving clinical examination and the measurement of serum IgE levels. To understand what clinical and anamnestic data could be useful for diagnosis, we assessed the relationships between allergic pathologies and age, gender and familiarity. We also studied the correlation between sensitivity to various allergens and the presence of allergic sympthoms

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