331 - Recommendation for the execution of the oral glucose tolerance test for the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus

Autor(s): P. Andreani, A. Caldini, M. Carta, F. Ceriotti, A. Falorni, G. Ferrai, et al.

Issue: RIMeL - IJLaM, Vol. 2, N. 4, 2006 (MAF Servizi srl ed.)

The Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) is a fuctional
method which measures the body’s ability to metabolize
glucose. Despite its large-scale use, the OGTT
is still not appropriately performed in most of the Italian
laboratories, as proven by our previous recent survey.
In particular, we have provided evidence for the
variability for execution of the OGTT in Italian laboratories
indicating a poor tendency to standardise the
procedures and the methodologies. These findings have
been a stimulus to promote an effective Nationwide
educational campaign, in order to standardise the procedures
for the diagnosis of altered glucose metabolism
and diabetes. The present document reports therefore
the recommendations concerning the OGTT performed
for the classification of diabetes. These recommendations
do not apply to the execution of the
OGTT during pregnancy for diagnosing gestational
diabetes mellitus.

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