013 - The diagnosis of respiratory allergy: good use of the current means and new diagnostic instruments

Autor(s): F. Bruni, L. Balanzoni, G. Parolin, A.L. Boner

Issue: RIMeL - IJLaM, Vol. 3, N. 1, 2007 (MAF Servizi srl ed.)

Page(s): 13-17

The importance both for allergologist and/or pneumologist pediatricians and for general pediatricians to correctly identify allergens determining asthma in their patients has been clearly demonstrated. Allergy can be suspected by clinical history, physical examination, and etiology can be further documented by means of skin prick test and serum tests for specific IgE determination. Second line tests, that can be helpful in the initial evaluation of atopic disease or sporadically in complicated cases, are the quantification of serum total IgE, blood eosinophils number, and NO exhalation test.

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