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216 - Analisi di un percorso per la razionalizzazione della fase preanalitica e analitica delle urocolture

Autore/i: G.Bruschetta, S.Grosso, R.De Rosa, A.Camporese

Rivista: RIMeL - IJLaM, Vol. 2, N. 3, 2006 (MAF Servizi srl ed.)

Background. Quantitative urine culture is one of the most
frequently requested tests in microbiology laboratories
(about 22% in our experience). An automated system
for screening purposes is strongly needed to save technical
staff time and obtain rapid results.
Methods. In our study we have investigated 546 urine
samples collected from inpatients and outpatients with
a commercial tube prepared with boric acid (Uriset,
Diesse, Milano, Italy) and have compared a secondgeneration
flow citometry (Sysmex UF100, Dasit, Milano,
Italy) with standard urine culture tested on agar
plated by means of 10 microliter loop. The specimens
were screened and cultured upon receipt.
Results. In our experience, the results obtained with Sysmex
UF100 are very interesting, especially if this analyzer
is used as screening method for negative urine samples,
and comparable to data obtained from culture
examination. In fact, considering together bacteria and
leucocytes count (10.000 bacteria and/or 50 leucocytes/
ìL) we have obtained a negative predictive value of
0,96 in comparison to standard culture method.
Conclusions. The classical culture method needs of 24
hours for a results, instead the Sysmex UF100 analyzer
gives results in few minutes, thus reducing the microbiology
turn around time (TAT) with obvious benefits
for patients and physicians.

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